Nicole Ardis

Nicole Ardis’s passion for creating jewelry using gemstones, metals, and leather developed from her deep love and appreciation of nature’s gifts. An enjoyment of the creative process since childhood led her from fashion design in New York City, to training as a Silversmith, and finally to jewelry making and design. It was in Santa Fe that Nicole perfected her craft, leading to the creation of Nicole Ardis Jewelry.

Established in 2010, Nicole Ardis Jewelry is located in Nicole’s home state of Michigan. The studio is surrounded by verdant woodlands and sparkling waters which provide energy and inspiration to her creative process. Since its beginning, Nicole Ardis Jewelry has been designing for the renowned Sundance Catalog, but here you will find Nicole’s own unique line of jewelry incorporating all of the knowledge and experience gained from years in the industry.

Through her love of utilizing a wide color palette and a variety of materials and textures, Nicole strives for each piece to incorporate both beauty and balance.

Using her expert eye and aesthetic sensibility Nicole designs the details of every piece of her jewelry. She then works with the materials to bring each one to life, all the while collaborating with her small team of talented sample-makers and silversmiths. This hands-on approach is part of what makes every piece of Nicole Ardis Jewelry so remarkable.

Nicole Ardis Jewelry is inspired by beauty,
designed with imagination,
and to be worn with joy by you.


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